Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WOW...another month gone by...

I keep telling myself I need to keep up with this blog but it doesn't seem to happen. January is typically a busy month for me. However, this one was INSANE!!! Here's an overview

Jan 5th & 6th - Chorus Coaching with Renee Porzel
Jan 9th & 10th Chorus Coaching with Jean Barford
Jan 11th - Packing my apartment
Jan 16th & 17th - Harmony High
Jan 18th - MOVING DAY
Jan 19th - Finishing the move
Jan 20th - Turning in the keys
Jan 25th to Feb 1 - Cruise vacation (without Chad).

Of course, on top of all this was the normal working and spending as much time as I could with Chad, the kids, friends and family. Chad and I counted down the days until Feb 1. Though life is always busy for us, it is much better now. I'll blog about the move and the cruise separately.

Til then,


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