Monday, April 20, 2009


I think I need to update this!!! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009's over for now!

It was hard to believe how fast 60 days goes by. When moving day came, it seemed like I'd just given my notice. Well, it's over now.

Though we had been moving things over a little at a time, when it came down to the final week, there was still a ton to do! It's amazing how much junk you can collect over 12 years.

On Sunday January 11th, Chad and I spent most of the afternoon packing my apartment. Over the next week, we'd go there almost everyday to do something productive. One night after work Chad's kids (Jimmy & Denise) came with us to lend a hand. After Harmony High was done on Saturday night, I met Chad back at the apartment and we packed until 2:30 in the morning.

All of a sudden, it was moving day! I was a mess. I was excited and emotional all at the same time. Chad and I were getting ready to leave the house and Jimmy (Chad's 12 year old) chimed in wanting to come and hep us (thank you Jimmy!!!). Chad and Jimmy came up with a way to get me past the tears. They'd start a pillow fight! Of course, this would make me laugh and I'd stop crying.

We got all of the big stuff moved and made 2 trips with the Uhaul. But we still weren't done. On Monday, I had to work but Chad was off. He spent all day going back and forth between the apartment and our house. Monday night we were supposed to go out to dinner with friends for the pre-cruise dinner. However, Chad told me to go and he finished the move. On top of all of this, he was sick the whole time.

On Tuesday, I had the apartment professionally cleaned and then turned in my keys after work. It was the end that chapter in my life.

Jimmy, thank you for everything you did to help. You worked hard all day and never complained once. You're the best!

Honey, I can not thank you enough for your work during the move and for the joy and love you've brought into my life. I am the luckiest woman in the world. Thank you...I love you!

WOW...another month gone by...

I keep telling myself I need to keep up with this blog but it doesn't seem to happen. January is typically a busy month for me. However, this one was INSANE!!! Here's an overview

Jan 5th & 6th - Chorus Coaching with Renee Porzel
Jan 9th & 10th Chorus Coaching with Jean Barford
Jan 11th - Packing my apartment
Jan 16th & 17th - Harmony High
Jan 18th - MOVING DAY
Jan 19th - Finishing the move
Jan 20th - Turning in the keys
Jan 25th to Feb 1 - Cruise vacation (without Chad).

Of course, on top of all this was the normal working and spending as much time as I could with Chad, the kids, friends and family. Chad and I counted down the days until Feb 1. Though life is always busy for us, it is much better now. I'll blog about the move and the cruise separately.

Til then,


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

14 days and counting...

Six weeks ago I gave my apartment complex the required 60 day notice. Since then, I have moved a lot of things but not enough. For the next two weeks, I will be spending every possible moment at the apartment sorting, purging and packing. It won't be fun...but it will be productive. Chad's been a great help and he is not worried about getting it done. I'm trying to follow his lead!

We'll see how this goes...